The STEAM Project: A program for catalyzing the integration of Christian faith and science for emerging adults (18-30 years old) in college and post-college ministries.

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PROJECT MAP: Read About Our Chosen Projects

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How The STEAM Project Works…

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1. Projects Chosen

31 unique projects from different denominations, parachurch ministries, and economic and racial backgrounds were designed & chosen.

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2. Projects Underway

From 2016–2017 project teams comprised of devoted Christ followers, ranging from scientists to pastors and key volunteers to college and graduate students, will develop and implement projects they designed engaging science and theology with their wider communities.

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3. Hear Stories & Get Resources

In 2018 projects will wind down and stories of transformation will emerge. Newly developed and tested resources will also be made available freely to the public.

Key Questions

Our application period is now closed and at this point we have no ability to forecast another funding round.
The STEAM Project is funded by the John Templeton Foundation (JTF), a philanthropic organization with one of five major goals of funding progress or research in the area of science and the big questions, particularly as it relates to theology. Fuller Theological Seminary is also a key supporter as the hosting institution for the grant.
Funding can be use to compensate staff (particularly if leave time from teaching a class occurs), educational materials, honoraria for outside speakers, training, event costs, graphic and/or web development, social media support, video creation and other indirect program costs (print services, equipment, etc.).
Eligibility is for all Protestant ministries in the US and Canada serving emerging young adults (18-30). It is not limited to a particular denomination, and ministries can be either parachurch or congregational based.
Many use “science” to mean the natural sciences, but STEAM projects can address many forms of science, including psychology, mathematics, sociology and medicine along with the natural sciences.  The coupling of science with advocacy or political debate (for example, bioethics, environmentalism, creationism, Intelligent Design) is discouraged.
Thank you for your interest in applying. Our deadline for applications was June 15, 2016. Stay tuned for more details on the projects being funded by our grants.
Yes, all projects must be associated with a non-profit (technically, a 501C3 organization), and thus have a non-profit tax ID number.